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Hello Ever One ♥
As every one of you knew that we always share facts news and tips about farmville. we had already share many tips and tricks of farmville , you can see all the tips and tricks in "Read All Post" section (see above Menu bar). We have a good news about FarmCash, that you can get 8 FV FREE from your Facebook Credits. Facebook gives 10 to 25 Free Credits to all facebook users, Just you have to do 3 steps as below and get up to 8FV FREE.
Step 1 : Click o "Add Farm Coins & Cash"
Step 2 : Select "4 FV and Select Facebook Credits below then Click on Continue>"
Step 3 : Now you will see a POP UP by facebook "Buy 4 FarmCash!" click on it, and see that if you have more facebook credit, then do this Step again and get 4 FREE FV again ^_^
We don't need any Price or Money or any thing which cost You Your Suggest to Our Facebook Page is our Reward & Pride
Note: Some of you have unable to see this "Select Payment Method", don't worry about this, just click on "Continue" :) .. You will get your Free FV


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