Adopt The Rare Foals From Here

Hello Every One ♥ This is the page, where you can share your Rare Foals for others who didn't even catch any single rare foal because many of our friends has some software which automatically adopt the rare foal, so many of our friends unable to catch any foal from their friends. The purpose of this page is to give freedom to our friends to catch our Rare foals, because if we post the Rare Foal on Facebook Feeds, then some software automatically adopt our foal and our needed friends are got nothing :(. that's why we made this page. You can share your foals and adopt rare foal from here. Just you have to be a friend of those person who daily share his/her foal here :) . Don't waste any Rare Foal, if you don't want any, then please don't click on that link. Be sure that the foal which you wanna share Here, is "Visible To You Only" so that any software will unable to adopt that foal. Below are the list of rare foals, which share daily here on different time, so you have to visit daily for many rare foal.
This below Comment box is Only for posting the Rare Foals Links. Don't write your comment below. You can write your comment on Bottom of this page.
whenever you share any rare foal here, then uncheck this option "Post comment to my Facebook Profile"


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