Older Ages

I don`t believe one grows older. I think that what happens early on in life is that at a certain age one stands still and stagnates.

Whatever poet, orator, or sage may say of it, old age is still old age.

We`ve put more effort into helping folks reach old age than into helping them enjoy it.

The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young.

It is possible at any age to discover a lifelong desire you never knew you had.

You know you`ve reached middle age when a doctor, not a policeman, tells you to slow down, all you exercise are your prerogatives and it takes you longer to rest than to get tired.

Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that happen to a man.

At 20 years of age the will reigns; at 30 the wit; at 40 the judgment.

The process of maturing is an art to be learned, an effort to be sustained. By the age of fifty you have made yourself what you are, and if it is good, it is better than your youth.

They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body.

Youth disserves; middle age conserves; old age preserves.

Middle age is when a narrow waist and a broad mind begin to change places.

Middle age is youth without its levity, and age without decay.

There must be a day or two in a man`s life when he is the precise age for something important.

Middle age is the time when a man is always thinking that in a week or two he will feel as good as ever.

The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.

Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber, not the toy.

Wisdom doesn`t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself.

We are always the same age inside.

Old age ain`t no place for sissies.


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